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About Rancho Cucamonga Junk Haulers are simply the best junk haulers in San Bernardino, California. When we say the best that includes a number of things. The first to know is that we are not just a team of hired muscle with safety gloves and a dumpster. We are experienced pros at this stuff and well versed in the issues of responsible disposal of your junk and unwanted belongings. With today’s growing concern for the state of the planet we can guarantee that we check for recyclable materials and take them to the appropriate facility. Where there is the possibility of reuse for goods we know the charities that will be more than happy to receive what you don’t want any more. We know the environmental and toxic hazards that can lurk in old appliances and we work to EPA approved guidelines for the safe disposal of any liquids, metals, or other substances that should simply never find their way into landfill.

As well as showing sensitivity for the environment we understand that there is a human dimension to a lot of our work. That can mean the simple joy of clearing an attic or basement so those growing kids (or dad) can have a playroom but sometimes it involves a lot more thoughtfulness. For estate cleanups and hoarding scenarios, we take care to sift through the accumulated stuff and make sure that things of value, or sentimental value, don’t end up being trashed when they should be treasured. So call us and let us help.

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